Research studies have shown that women who receive regular reflexology during pregnancy have better pregnancies and have a shorter labour with less intervention and require less pain relief.

(Notha, G 1994; Valiani, M et al 2010)

Preparation for labour

As you due date approaches, or passes, you may be feeling pressured by your health care providers to book an induction of labour. Medical inductions can be very helpful for some women with serious pregnancy complications, but for most women with healthy, midwife led pregnancies they are unnecessary.

Your baby may arrive anytime between your due window of 37-42 weeks. Did you know only 5% of babies are born on their due dates?! Going over 40 weeks of pregnancy is very common and very normal, but you may feel anxious about the thought of intervention or being inundated with messages from friends and family asking if you have had any signs yet!

Our preparation for labour treatment combines specialist reflexology and acupressure to encourage your body, and mind, to prepare for birth. It is a deeply nurturing treatment will reduce any stress and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

The Treatment

Reflexology can be used to help prepare your body for labour. Although it is not claimed that reflexology can induce labour, it is believed to be helpful in the final few weeks and days when stress and anxiety levels often rise.

Stress hormones interfere with birth hormones and can delay the onset of labour. The treatment will encourage the calming part of the nervous system (the parasympathetic nervous system) to become dominant which is essential for the natural onset of labour.

The specialist preparation for labour treatment focuses on encouraging the birthing process to commence by stimulating key acupressure and reflexology points on the feet which will trigger the production of oxytocin (the hormone involved in labour and birth).

Reflexology is safe and effective during pregnancy. Heather has expert knowledge in this area as a specialist maternity reflexologist and Registered Midwife. If you suspect any problems in your pregnancy, or are under consultant led care, you may wish to seek prior approval from your doctor or midwife.

Reflexology initiates a deep relaxation which can lower heart rate, blood pressure and temperature. These physiological changes are perfectly safe but can occasionally cause heavily pregnancy clients to feel light headed, therefore it is recommended to eat before having a reflexology treatment to prevent a drop in blood sugars.

Midwife Advice

As a Registered Midwife, Heather can provide you with individual advice and guidance for your pregnancy and birth during your appointment.

Following the treatment, you will receive resources to enable you to prepare for birth and to encourage the natural onset of labour.

  • Hand reflexology video for self practice

  • Rebozo scarf technique videos to practice with your partner

  • Optimal positions for late pregnancy and early labour

  • Breathing techniques

  • Natural birth onset tips

Birth Plan

If you would like to dicuss your birth plan, or if you have been advised to change your original plans, then Heather can give non biased, evidence based advice to help you make informed choices about your birth.

More women than ever are being advised to have inductions of labour, especially for post dates pregnancies and this can cause lots of anxiety as due dates approach and pass which can have a detremental effect on the natural onset of labour. Inductions of labour can be neccessary and benefical for many women, but for many low risk pregnancies they can lead to a cascade of unnecessary medical intervention. Therefore, it is important to know if this is best option for you.

Heather has an indepth knowledge in this area and can offer you evidence based advice on the benefits of all types of birth for your individual circumstances and to empower you to be confident in your decision making.

If you wish to discuss your birth plan, please add the extra consultation to your appointment. There is a choice of adding 15 or 30 minutes to the 1 hour reflexology treatment.

Prices & Add ons


Preparation for Labour or Reflexology Treatment


Treatment + 15 minutes Birth plan/ Midwife advice consultation


Treatment + 30 minutes Birth plan/ Midwife advice consultation

“I had reflexology with Heather as I was 3 days overdue and climbing the walls at home. The reflexology was lovely….and worked! I started contracting as soon as I got home and my little boy was born the following morning. Heather was really informative and answered all my labour questions. It was a lovely experience, I would highly recommend”

Hayley (maternity reflexology)