“I was recommended to Heather after a failed IVF cycle which I had alongside acupuncture. Heather was great from the very first consultation, she helped immensely with my stress management, she guided me through my infertility journey and has been amazing. The result is that I am now pregnant, and I am really grateful to reflexology in the hands of Heather. I strongly recommend her to others trying to conceive as she has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is brilliant, Thank you so much”


How can Reflexology help?

Part of our holistic approach is using reflexology to return your body to its natural balance.

Reflexology works by applying gentle pressure to your feet. It’s a deeply relaxing therapy that regulates the nervous system to reduce stress and help you gain a sense of calm.

The treatment you’ll have with us is Reproflexology™. This type of reflexology is specifically designed to help improve your natural fertility, and even help with all forms of assisted conception. Reproflexology™ can help you tackle the physical and medical conditions that may be preventing you from having the family you yearn for. It’s also excellent at reducing stress and helping to address the complex mental and emotional factors which may be affecting your fertility.

This deeply relaxing therapy focuses on balancing the reproductive hormones and promoting health and vitality to your reproductive organs. All our treatments will be tailored to your individual needs and are highly beneficial for both men and women. For women it can help to promote ovulation and regulate your periods, and for men, it can increase sperm quality and quantity.

We can combine your reflexology with acupressure. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, but the fingers are used to gently work the pressure points rather than needles.

Reflexology treatments can be taken on their own or included in one of our coaching packages.

A thorough consultation is conducted initially so I can learn all about your journey so far and help identify the cause of your fertility problems.

During our consultation, we’ll discuss your personalised treatment plan.

Book your consultation now and let’s start this journey together.

Conditions that may benefit from Reproflexology™

  • Endometriosis

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

  • Amenorrhea (absence of periods)

  • Irregular menstrual cycle

  • Fibroids

  • Recurrent miscarriage 

  • Poor ovarian reserve 

  • Low sperm production

  • Low sperm motility

  • Erectile dysfunction

How long does it take to improve reproductive health with reflexology?

For men, it takes three months to produce new sperm. For females it takes three to four months for eggs to mature ready for ovulation.

A three-month course of reflexology treatments will help to support you throughout the process of egg and sperm maturation. Improving the quality of the egg and sperm will significantly increase your chances of conception and the health of your baby.

For women, treatments will be timed around your menstrual cycle with an individualised treatment protocol specifically tailored for your fertility conditions. Sessions are initially weekly for the length of your cycle then reduce to 2 per month timed around pre and post ovulation.

For men sessions start weekly for 8 weeks, then reduce to fortnightly.

“I have been on quite a journey with Heather. I embarked on fertility reflexology twice with her I have conceived both times. I had invaluable comprehensive advice from her before and during my pregnancy, from diet to stress and pain management. Her quest for knowledge and her undenable passion for all things fertility is inspiring. Her calm confident nature makes you feel at ease.”

Rachel Bromley

Assisted conception

Reflexology is a safe and effective therapy to have alongside assisted reproductive therapies such as clomid, IVF and ICSI.

Treatments can help to enhance the efficacy of the drugs, reduce side effects, and support your emotional wellbeing.

An individual treatment plan will be created for you that will be tailored to your drug regime, egg collection and embryo transfer. We will discuss the exact protocol during your initial consultation.

Ideally it is best to start treatments up to three months before you start your assisted cycle as this helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, balance hormones and to reduce side effects from the drugs. However where this is not possible try to start treatments as soon as you can.

Reflexology treatments

Using gentle stimulation of the feet reflexology will revitalise, restore and maintain the body’s natural balance. Specialist reproflexology focuses on balancing the hormone system and nervous system.

Treatments will leave you feeling extremely relaxed with improved sleep, mood and increased energy levels. Try to take it easy for at least an hour after reflexology whilst your body starts to respond to this deeply nurturing treatment.

The treatment will take around 40 – 45 minutes. This gives us time at the start to discuss your current reproductive health and wellbeing and to establish the focus of the treatment. At the end of the session time is allocated to discuss any imbalances identified and give follow up advice.



Reflexology treatment 1 hour

“This treatment is quite simply THE best treatment I have ever experienced. I truly believe that because it is Heather that is delivering the therapy, her passion for wanting to help ladies like myself totally comes through.

Heather is an amazing lady and very attentive. I feel like I am walking on air when I leave there and that anything and everything with my own fertility journey is possible.

I cannot recommend this treatment enough. Thank you Heather.”

Vici Morris