Tired of being absolutely devastated every month when you find out you’re not pregnant?

You’re watching everyone else get pregnant without even trying.

The world is moving on around you and with every day that passes you feel like your chances are getting smaller.
You’ve tried everything. Your GP says you’re fine, but you know something isn’t quite right.

The hope builds and fades, and now you feel lost, alone, and like it’s your fault you can’t get pregnant, or stay pregnant.

So, you sit there and wonder if there’s something wrong with you…

Don’t worry. It’s ok to feel like this. It’s normal.
The family you want can happen.

Whether you want to conceive naturally, give yourself the best chance of succeeding with IVF, or want to do everything you can to avoid another miscarriage, it’s time to take control of your fertility journey and realise your dream of holding your baby in your arms.

“I have been on quite a journey with Heather. I embarked on fertility reflexology twice with her I have conceived both times. I had invaluable comprehensive advice from her before and during my pregnancy, from diet to stress and pain management. Her quest for knowledge and her undeniable passion for all things fertility is inspiring. Her calm confident nature makes you feel at ease.”

Rachel Bromley

What Next?

This journey is one of the most important that you will make. That’s why you need to be sure that the person you’re working with is right for you.

You need someone who knows that what works for others, may not work for you.

You need someone who can combine the holistic approach with the medical side.

Someone who has helped hundreds of families on their journey to parenthood.

Someone who simplifies the process and explains things without fancy medical words.

But most of all, you need someone to listen to you. To guide you. To support you. To understand that it’s not about perfection, but rather making positive changes.

This is exactly what you will get working with us. You’ll get a registered midwife who has studied the holistic side of fertility and pregnancy. A midwife who has trained in specialist fertility nutrition, reflexology, fertility awareness mentoring and life coaching. All to help you create the ideal circumstances to conceive. For most of our clients, this is a 3–6 months process that’s continued through the pregnancy.

The first step is to book a Fertility Consultation where together, we will build a personalised action plan that gives you the best possible chance to conceive. This consultation is a chance for you to ask us anything. And we mean anything. All those niggly questions that fly around your mind before you sleep, the comments your friends have made, or even how to stay positive and keep the belief when there feels like there is no hope. There’s no such thing as a silly question. If you’ve had previous fertility tests, we’ll go through these and build the results into your action plan.

It works best if everyone is involved, so we strongly recommend bringing your partner if you have one.

Once we’ve had our consultation, we’ll discuss our personalised programme (details can be found below), or even suggest further ad-hoc consultations, whatever is best for you.

Book your consultation now and let’s start this journey together.

“My partner and I have been trying for a family for over two years and have had two failed attempts at IVF…my partner and I were left feeling very down and hopeless…until we were recommended to see Heather.

Heather has changed our whole perspective on our fertility journey. I have been visiting Heather for three months and she has been the best thing to happen to us – we now feel positive again and have goals to work towards!

 Heather gave us advice and information that not even the IVF clinics provide and she is genuinely there to help and support you through your journey.

Heather is a wonderful, kind and thoughtful person and nothing is too much trouble. I could think of no better person to help, advise and guide people through their fertility journey. She has changed our lives when we were about to give up!”

Lauren & Gaz

“After experiencing a big bump in the road on my fertility journey and feeling helpless, I decided to have sessions with Heather, and it is one of the best decisions I’ve made! She is so understanding, experienced and extremely knowledgeable – all the advice she has given along with the sessions I’ve had have empowered me on my journey and has made me feel healthier than I’ve ever felt.”

Rubiea Hamed

Bespoke Fertility Coaching Packages

*Fertility coaching sessions are available in person or virtually over zoom
*Payment plans available

Fertility Consultations

Fertility consultation, in person or via zoom.

Start your journey with us here with a thorough consultation and personalised advice to guide you on your next steps.

Can be booked as ad hoc session or as non refundable deposit towards personalised coaching programme.

30 minutes consultation, telephone call or via zoom. 

Ideal as ad hoc session to discuss test results or for personalised fertility advice. 


15 minutes telephone call to enquire about our services. 

Fertility Fundamentals Programme

If you’ve just started trying, or have been trying to conceive for a while, and want to find out what you can do to give you the best chance of getting pregnant, this package is for you.

On the programme, you’ll learn more about your body and your hormones and we’ll go through the changes you can make to help, as well as going though different options available. We’ll also look at your stress levels and help you understand why stress is impacting your fertility. You won’t be told to “just relax”, you’ll understand the science behind it and strategies to help.

If you’re of tired of not knowing what to do next, or don’t want to embark on the referral route for assisted conception, but rather want to take control of your fertility and kickstart your journey to improving your reproductive health, then you’re in the right place.

  • 4 x weekly or biweekly sessions

  • Understanding your body and hormones

  • How to manage stress & improve your mindset
  • How to use exercise and make lifestyle changes

  • General Nutritional and Supplement advice

  • Understand more about toxins and environmental factors that can affect you

Investment £590

Fertility Nurtured Programme


If you’ve been trying to conceive for what feels like forever, have suffered pregnancy loss or failed IVF, this package is for you.

If you’re ready to get a more personalised approach based on you and your body, then look no further. This programme gives you control of your fertility journey. It will keep you motivated and accountable and guided with unlimited, expert support.

With a comprehensive health assessment and fertility review, you’ll get a plan tailored to you, with advice and recommendations on the next steps available to you.

This package gives you the knowledge and support you need to make your dream family a reality.

  • 3 months biweekly sessions

  • A comprehensive health assessment

  • Fertility review & analysis of recent tests

  • Recommendations for personalised tests

  • Bespoke supplement plan

  • Food Diary analysis

  • Personalised Nutritional Therapy

  • Mindset and Life coaching

  • Stress management tools and exercises

  • Unlimited support between sessions

Investment £1490

Fertility Transform Programme

If you don’t know where to go, if you’ve tried everything, but it’s just not happening. If you don’t want to give up, but it feels like it’s just not going to happen. If the tests you’ve had came back “normal” and you’ve been told everything is fine. But it’s not happening naturally or with IVF, it’s ok, hope is not lost.

With this programme, we leave no stone unturned. Together, we dive into every aspect of your life that can have an impact on your fertility, from mindset to nutrition, your health to your supplements. We’ll test what the NHS won’t to get to the root cause of your troubles.

And through all of this, you’ll have someone by your side to help you make the right decisions, give you as much support as you need and keep you on track.

  • 3 months of 12 Weekly sessions

  • An initial consultation

  • A comprehensive health assessment and diet analysis of you and your partner (if you have one)

  • Step by step personalised nutrition and lifestyle plan

  • Weekly check in sessions

  • Weekly food diary feedback

  • Recipe inspiration and meal planning

  • Nutritional Profile Blood tests: Vit D, Active B12, magnesium,

  • Advanced iron profile: folate, ferritin & iron profile

  • Vaginal Microbiome screening

  • Advanced Thyroid screening

  • Personalised lab test suggestions and analysis

  • Blood testing service & 24-hour results analysis

  • Ongoing review and analysis of test results

  • Bespoke supplement plan

  • Mindset and Life coaching

  • Stress management tools and exercises

  • Unlimited support between sessions

Investment £3390

Heather has been nothing but an absolute life line for us with her first-rate knowledgeable advice. Both me and my partner are over 40 years old and we were not expecting this journey to be such a learning experience, but Heather has taught us how to make key lifestyle and diet changes to improve vital female and male contributing factors for a successful pregnancy. Heather has supported us and guided us every step of the way resulting in a positive first transfer result. We have so much to thank Heather for and she is such a kind hearted and warm person.

Maz & Sukhi