“Heather is very knowledgeable and as an experienced midwife, I felt I could really trust her advice and guidance. She also has a lovely and calming nature and answered every question I had with patience.”


Fertility Awareness involves recognising and understanding your fertile signs in relation to your menstrual cycle.

Discover the symptothermal method to chart and track your cycle, gaining invaluable insights into your menstrual cycle and body. By tracking your cycle, you can calculate when your fertility window is by recognising signs of ovulation through:

  • The length of your menstrual cycle

  • Recording your basal body temperature

  • Changes to your cervical secretions

Cycle tracking is a valuable tool that offers crucial insights into your fertility and reproductive health. It can help identify essential information, such as ovulation timing, hormone production, and signs of potential disruptions such as low progesterone or thyroid issues.

When we work together for natural conception, I will encourage you to use this method for at least 3 months as it provides invaluable insights into your fertility. I will educate you on fully understanding your menstrual cycle by teaching you about:

  • The stages of the menstrual cycle

  • The hormones involved in the mensural cycle

  • What a healthy period should look and feel like, and how to achieve this

  • Optimum timing of ovulation and how to recognise the signs of ovulation

  • Signs of hormone imbalances

Through this process, you will acquire the skills to accurately interpret and record your basal body temperature and cervical secretions using a free app. I will be there to provide consistent support, assisting you in understanding your charts on a weekly basis.

Fertility Awareness (FA) is an empowering and informative method that equips you with the knowledge to be in control of your reproductive health, enabling you to recognise vital fertility indicators and be more in tune with your body’s signals. No more guess work or spending money on expensive (and inaccurate) ovulation predictor kits.

Fertility Awareness Mentoring is included in all of our fertility coaching programmes for clients trying to conceive naturally, or can be booked as an individual session.

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“So thankful to the lovely Heather for all her advice and help while trying to get pregnant. I saw her for 6 sessions of conception reflexology, and I’m delighted to say im now 7 weeks pregnant.

Rachel (fertility reflexology)